Joey Badass stopped by the L.A Leakers with a whole new vibe that we loved. Since he dropped his 2016 single “Devastated” a lot of his underground fans were in fact devastated. Not because the song wasn’t good but because Joey was switching the boom bap sound and lyrically inclined songs for a more upbeat approach that wasn’t so focused on bars. It’s never easy when an underground artist becomes more mainstream. People always assume that trying something different (especially if it puts you on a big platform) means you forgot about the culture and that you are selling out. That isn’t necessarily true , expanding your creativity can bring a lot of opportunities. We wouldn’t have some of the greatest hits like “If I Ruled The World” by Nas, if every artist stayed in the same lane they started in. Here at THENEWYORKBASEMENT we approve of this freestyle. Joey is showcasing his songwriting abilities, which has us excited about his upcoming projecct “All Amerikkkan Badas$$”.

INSTAGRAM: @JoeyBadass

TWITTER: @JoeyBadass

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