TruthCity – “While You Were Sleeping” [Album Review]


Following your dreams comes with a price that tests the loyalty of friends. The unexpected outcomes can break you down emotionally and mentally. TruthCity’s sophmore album “While You Were Sleeping” is the embodiment of true growth. Being able to see the lesson in every hardship and how it can be used as a tool to reach satisfaction. The once homeless emcee tells a tale of struggle and triumph.
“I started shaping this album piece by piece in the summer of 2016. I intended for it to be a departure from my bright, jazzy boom bap hip-hop style. I was tired of being confined to rapping. I wanted to showcase my songwriting and test my vocal skills. This was also around the time I had quit my job and I was sleeping on a friend’s couch. My phone had gotten turned off and I was living dime to dime scratching to eat every day borrowing money from friends. I was also doing shows almost every other week performing songs like “The Family” and “Get Rich.” Through it all I got the blessing of having studio equipment provided to me to finish this project. So I had to become an audio engineer in a month and not having money on a day to day was eating away at my spirit.” -TruthCity 

TruthCity begins the album sounding motivated by his disbelivers. His first verse starts with “I been up chasing my dreams, you were the last one to see. You didn’t never believe, you didn’t never believe. But you made me better, made me the man I couldn’t see. Inside me I found my way.” His mother is introduced with a firm voice reminding him that struggle, pain and hardship is apart of his journey. As she motivates and encourages him, TruthCity walks us through his misfortunes. Phone being cut off, not having enough money to eat and nowhere to sleep but he still remained focused because he believed in himself. This is a very inspiring song for other struggling artist and anybody in particular that can relate. The message was a great way to start the album although production could of been better.

“The City” was the song that let me know this was going to be a very Drake-like album, yes I said it “Drake-like”. Many may be under the notion that this is ultimately a bad thing but in a way this project is very similar to one of  Drakes best albums “So far gone” . Which was a departure from the rappity rap style and an introduction to a sing songy vibe. TruthCity’s harmonizing voice on this tracks allows you to actually feel what he is missing. He misses his home, his friends, and family all while working towards his goals. Which can be very exhausting. In the middle of the album the mood changes. TruthCity sounds more boastful, determined and proud of his accomplishments thus far. “While you were sleeping” leans more towards his lyrical abilities but still maintains the appropriate structure for a good song. “Get Rich” cuts out the sulking and complaining and focuses on the steps he is taking to become wealthy (one being that he now has a distribution deal with Sony).

In Conclusion I appreciate the way he is being an artist. TruthCity is using his voice in many ways, taking chances to give each project a different feel, scoping through the frequency of music to find his sound, shedding all of his pain and giving us front row tickets to witness his story. His goal for this album was to stray away from the boom bap style of hip hop and he nailed it. What I took from this entire album is that his peak as a musician is right around the corner.


RATING: 7.5/10


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